In order to achieve the desired quality guarantee in the production of livestock products from the point of view of quality, safety and effectiveness, and in order to meet all legal and regulatory requirements as well as the demands of customers, the company implemented and established a quality management system in the field of Production and supply of livestock products based on the requirements of the 9001 standard.

We are proud to be the first producer of mineral nano supplements under the name of Hydroxy Chloride and the brand of Fararuy in our beloved country, and we have achieved the knowledge of producing this product based on advanced chemical and nano technology technologies. This product is the third generation of mineral feed supplements for all kinds of light and heavy livestock, all kinds of poultry, aquatic animals, horses and all kinds of pets. We have taken steps to improve the efficiency of meat production in the country with the slogan of nutritious, healthy and effective in order to ensure the food security of livestock, poultry and aquatic animals.​​​​​​

We have been able

The history of Fararuy

Quality Guarantee
Imen Nano Fam Knowledge-based company operates in the field of production of chemical materials and products based on advanced technologies, including nanotechnology, with the slogan of more security and more beautiful life. For the first time in Iran, this company has been able to produce the third generation of zinc supplements at the global quality level with experienced specialists along with the latest technologies in the world. This company is located in the Science and Technology Park of Zanjan University of Basic Sciences.


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